Climate change

Anthropogenic climate change

Anthropogenic climate change

Anthropogenic climate change

There has been a lot of recent interest in global warming and the effects that human activity is having on it. There are many theories that attempt to explain global warming, but there is also the “glacier argument” that tries to show that ice melt from glaciers is causing global warming.

Other theories about global warming attempt to explain it in terms of ocean cycles or in terms of greenhouse gases. A lot of research has been done on these theories, and more work continues to be done on anthropogenic climate change.

Climate Change – What You Need to Know

We are all very well-aware that climate change is real, and that man has been a contributing factor to it. Global warming, extreme weather, drought, super cyclones, famine, and other climate change impacts are all occurring today.

While the word climate change just refers to these global changes that last for quite some time, both human and natural climate variability can add to the long-term climate conditions.

The variability could be seen in the rise and fall of ice masses, tectonic shifts, volcano eruptions, and changing patterns in the atmosphere among others. Human activities are a significant influence on climate change. A combination of natural climate cycles and human activities has caused the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, changes in Earth’s temperature, and associated natural climate fluctuations.